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Aluminum Composite Panel Facade Systems

It is a two-sided aluminum-coated composite plate used as a complementary material to create a modern, aesthetic and stylish architectural line in buildings and different building types. It is a preferred building material because it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Since aluminum composite panels are mounted to the main carrier with special adjustable clips, they expand both horizontally and vertically. Thus, deformation due to thermal expansion is prevented.

Aluminum Composite Panels:

It is light and sturdy.
It is long-lasting, resistant to impacts and breakage.
It is flexible and can be shaped easily.
Internal parts are filled with polyethylene.
It is fire resistant.
In addition to standard sizes, it can be produced in special sizes according to the project.
All RAL colors and different patterns such as granite, wood, silvery can be applied.
It can be produced in different brightness levels.
Easy to clean.
Aluminum Covered Curtain Wall Systems

Aluminum Covered Curtain Wall Systems are an indispensable element of modern architecture. Different cross-section and form cover profiles can be used according to the architectural design and demands. Wing application is possible. Thanks to its grating profiles with different depths, it allows wide opening applications.

Covered curtain wall is the first system used in the world, so its use is very common.

Aluminum Covered Curtain Wall Systems:

It is economical as it is easy to manufacture and assemble.
Heat, sound and water insulation is provided by EPDM wicks.
Wing application can be done.
Since it is an easily applicable system, it offers the opportunity to be used from multi-storey buildings to single-storey structures.
It can be easily applied in structures that are not in proper form.
It can be painted in all RAL colours.
Structural Glazing Systems

They are curtain wall systems, where the aluminum construction remains hidden, and which is completely glass from the outside. A transparent, modern structure and facade are created with glass surfaces bonded with structural silicone. Thanks to its grating profiles with different depths, it allows wide opening applications. The façade gains a minimalist appearance with the absence of any visible profiles outside the system and the fineness of the joint detail between the glass surfaces.

Silicone Curtain Wall Systems

It is a simple and elegant solution.
The sealing between the glass panels is provided by Epdm wicks.
Any glass panel can be made into a concealed sash.
Structural Glass Facade Cladding Systems

Planer / Spider Facade Systems are the most suitable solutions for the creation of aesthetic structures that make the most of daylight. It can also be used in showcase or showroom applications in buildings where visuality and design are important.

It is a frameless glazing technique used with main carrier systems made of stainless steel, glass column, steel tensioner or wooden columns. Qualified glass units with many different features suitable for performance expectations can be used. Glass units are mounted with stainless steel ball joint glass holders (rutile) and spiders (spider). Since only transparent glass is used as the facade cladding material, the visibility between the indoor and outdoor environment is at the maximum level.

Planer / Spider Facade Systems

It offers an aesthetic and modern look.
It provides the highest level of use of natural light.
Facade gaps with high openings can be easily passed.
Glasses can be selected as heat insulated or laminated single glass.
Ceramic Facade Cladding Systems

The ceramic facade cladding system is applied in the deaf parts of the buildings. It is one of the most preferred materials for interior and exterior facades due to its many features.

Ceramic Facade Cladding Systems

It does not stain, is not affected by external weather conditions and has high heat resistance.
It does not require periodic maintenance.
It is natural, durable and aesthetic.
It has high abrasion and impact resistance.
It is easy to install.
It has many color and size options.
Clip System

Ceramics are mounted on carrier aluminum profiles with visible stainless steel clips and EPDM seals. It is an economical and reliable system. It can be used in any size.

Hidden Channel System

Ceramics are mounted on the carrier construction with aluminum clips attached to the dovetail channels opening at four points on their back surfaces. It is generally applied to materials with dimensions of 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, 50×100 cm.

Adhesive System

Ceramics are mounted to the aluminum carrier profile with auxiliary temporary tape and a polyurethane-based material with high strength (which does not lose its elasticity at -40° to +100°). It is the most economical application method. It can be applied in any size. It can be mounted with open joints or closed joints depending on demand. In the closed joint system, in addition to the open joint application, special type aluminum profiles in the desired RAL color are mounted on the vertical and horizontal joints of the coating material. In this way, the gaps between the joints are closed.
Natural Stone Facade Cladding Systems

Various types of stone materials are mounted on their own special construction after the rock wool laid in front of the wall. The use of stone veneer facade systems is increasing in today's architecture due to the advantages it offers. It stands out in the building sector because it protects the buildings from external factors and preserves the indoor climate.

Natural Stone Facade Cladding Systems

It is aesthetic, its colors do not fade.
It is resistant to external weather conditions.
It does not require periodic maintenance.
It is easy to install.
It has many color and size options.
Terracotta Facade Cladding Systems

Terra Cotta materials are obtained by firing natural clay at an average temperature of 1200˚C. It is a material preferred by architects for many years as a decorative and complementary material in air-layer curtain wall systems. It is produced in the form of single-walled or double-walled panels.

Terra cotta material is applied as a suspension system on steel and aluminum construction. It is integrated into the building with its special claw carrier and rear thermal insulation filling in various types and sizes. Heat insulation material can be placed in the gap formed between the wall and the panels.

Terra Cotta Facade Cladding Systems

It is produced ready for paint.
It is easy to apply and creates a perfect look.
Provides 60% energy saving in thermal insulation.
It is resistant to 120°C temperature difference.
It is resistant to external weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.
It is a completely recyclable material.

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Aluminum Joinery and Facade Systems
İvedik OSB. 1462 Cadde No:24

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Oxys Automatic Door Systems, the leading brand in the Automatic Door Systems sector since 2008; It has been operating in Ankara since 2008. With years of experience, it has always adopted the principle of providing the best product and the highest quality service to its valued customers.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems is an organization with a dynamic structure that offers product sales and assembled turnkey services all over Turkey, and continues to serve its customers with European origin products with its exporter identity.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems, which has succeeded in transferring the importance it attaches to sales to after-sales service, provides an increase in production by contributing to the development of the industry by leading our country to take its place in the international competition in the automatic door sector in general.

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