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Now your spaces are useful and enjoyable, as they should be. You can increase the social area or domestic luxury and comfort. Our pergola awnings are designed for small and large areas, freestanding or wall mounted and are available in a variety of innovative aluminum designs.

Automatic Pergola offers unmatched comfort
It is an ergonomic and functional awning system designed as fully automatic opening & closing, which can be applied without requiring a building permit. All our pergola models offer you a unique level of comfort.

All our Pergola models offer you a unique level of comfort.

Now your spaces are useful and enjoyable, as they should be. You can increase the social area or domestic luxury and comfort. Our pergola awnings are designed for small and large areas, freestanding or wall mounted and are available in a variety of innovative aluminum designs. We invite you to discover how a custom-made Pergola awning can add value to your home or business.

Product Introduction and Features
The product is a system with a concealed rain gutter, consisting of an opening & closing roof cover that moves on rails, adapted on aluminum carriers designed as a single slope.
The product has been designed and produced to be suitable for use in all seasons.
It can be turned into a winter garden with a retractable & retractable roof by closing it when desired.
Thanks to its sloping structure and rop-catcher system, it channels the rain water falling on the top cover into the hidden rain stream in the front and offers controlled discharge from the descents.
Opening & closing movements of the roof cover are made by remote control controlled BECKER and SOMFY branded motors.
The tension is provided by a special timing belt system.
The rail profiles used are aluminum, the connection parts are electro galvanized and INOX metals.
Kasetli Tente şık kaset tasarımı

Kasetli tente tasarımları yağmur, rüzgar, don ve kardan en yüksek düzeyde koruma sunar. Elektrikli tente, konfor için tercih edilen bir seçimdir. Şık kaset tasarımı evinize uyum sağlar. Uzaktan kumanda ile yerinizden kalkmadan tentenizi kontrol edebilirsiniz. Güneş ve / veya rüzgâr sensörleri ekleyerek tentenizin siz olmasanız dahi gölgelendirme yapmasını veya sisteminizi korumasını sağlamak elinizde.

  • Katlanır Kollu Tente: İstenilen ölçülerde yapılabilen; balkon, teras ve bahçeler için uygun olan tentelerdir.
  • Eğim Ayarlı Tente: Eğimini ayarlamayı sağlayan bir mekanizmaya sahip olan tentelerdir. Çevirme koluyla tenteye güneşe göre istenilen eğim verilir.
  • Körüklü Tente: Körüğü sayesinde yandan gelen güneşi de engelleyip istenildiği gibi ayarlanabilen tentelerdir.
  • Spotlu Tente: Tente sistemine spot yerleştirilen çeşittir. Bahçede aydınlanmayı da sağlar.
  • Tek Taraflı Tente: İki profilin üzerine monte edilip tek taraflı açılan tentelerdir.
  • Çift Taraflı Tente: Ayak sistemi üzerine yapılan, iki tarafa da açılabilen tente çeşididir. Tekerlekli ayak sistemiyle taşınabilen modelleri de vardır.
  • Sabit Tente: Seçilen mekânın üzerini kaplayacak şekilde sabitlenen ve açılıp kapanma özelliği olmayan tentelerdir. Kafe gibi açık mekânlarda tercih edilir.
  • Manuel Tente: Elle açılabilen tentelerdir.
  • Motorlu Tente: Elektirik ile çalışıp uzaktan kumanda ile idare edilebilen tentelerdir.
Articulated Awning practical and economical
Articulated Awning is an extremely practical and economical awning model that can be preferred with manual or motor. It has fabrics that are resistant to chemicals and molds that block harmful UV rays. Solarwin awnings will serve you for years without any problems. Thus, even if you are not in the room, the awning continues to shade itself by closing and opening.

General Features
It is practical and economical.
It is maintenance-free and will serve you for many years without any problems.
You can choose manual or motorized.
You can add sensors to your motorized system preferences and make your awning smart.

Our Sample Projects

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Our staff, who have adopted the team spirit, are experts in their fields and work with devotion, are the basis of our quality.
On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

The guarantee of the continuity of our quality is our meticulous work and the service we offer. We deliver the work we started on time.
Quality certificates

Quality certificates

We fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard and continuously improve it.
Aluminum Joinery and Facade Systems
İvedik OSB. 1462 Cadde No:24

0850 495 05 05

0530 900 30 04

Why Oxis Automatic Door Systems?

Oxys Automatic Door Systems, the leading brand in the Automatic Door Systems sector since 2008; It has been operating in Ankara since 2008. With years of experience, it has always adopted the principle of providing the best product and the highest quality service to its valued customers.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems is an organization with a dynamic structure that offers product sales and assembled turnkey services all over Turkey, and continues to serve its customers with European origin products with its exporter identity.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems, which has succeeded in transferring the importance it attaches to sales to after-sales service, provides an increase in production by contributing to the development of the industry by leading our country to take its place in the international competition in the automatic door sector in general.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems, which adopts the principle of always providing quality service to its customers with its professional experience and certifies this with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate it has received, continues to serve in international projects with its strong staff that is expanding day by day.

It has become a preferred brand in European markets with its productions tailored for all kinds of architectural projects in our manufacturing sites in our country, our experienced technical team, quality certificates and product performance equivalent to world standards.