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Photocell door systems are used in many places for different purposes; It can be used in all areas such as workplaces, stores, shops, apartments, shopping centers, industrial buildings, factories, offices, hotels and residences, hospitals, universities.

The materials used in photocell sliding door systems are different according to the indoor and outdoor environment. Photocell doors minimize time loss by opening and closing quickly at the entrances and exits of the spaces.

Radar sliding doors have automatic sensors. Thanks to the photocell on the photocell doors, the door is opened without any physical contact. In this way, it creates a very efficient use for the door in terms of hygiene.

As soon as the photocell doors come to the passage area, they detect the incoming person with their sensitive sensors and open automatically. Photocells consist of photosensitive resistors. Resistors detect light movement in a way similar to the human eye.

Photocell doors, which work with the help of motion-sensitive sensors, open automatically and close automatically after a certain period of time, thus contributing to energy efficiency.

In photocell door systems, systems such as fingerprint, password entry, remote control, card pass can be integrated.

According to the width of the transition area, Photocell Doors work as single wing or double wing. Impact resistant laminated glass is used in the aluminum frame.

Photocell Door Systems have the least energy consumption A++ feature in its class. However: 100% suitable for intensive use. It provides instantaneous control of speed, brake and clearance with its self-learning Intelligent Microprocessor.

Photocell Door Systems Technical Specifications

The synthetic belt system that provides the movement of the doors works with a single or double engine.
• There is a battery system inside the mechanism that will open the door in case of power cuts.
• There is an optional electronic lock on the door.
• Door open time, wing opening and closing speed can be adjusted digitally,
• Set on time 0-60 sec. are among.
• The opening speed of the doors is higher than the closing speed.
• When the mechanism is activated, it automatically determines the opening and closing distances.
• When necessary, the mechanism can be remotely controlled by equipping it with a receiver and transmitter system.
• Radar works with a microwave system, which can be affected equally by living and inanimate objects.
• Radar sensitivity settings are made digitally.
• With the photocells placed at the middle point outside the radar's effect area, the wings of the person or object in this area can be detected.
contact is blocked.
• The aluminum to be used is painted with electrostatic powder paint in the appropriate color.
• Sealing is ensured with the wicks to be used in the blade composition.
• Transparent, impact resistant glass is used in all moving and fixed wings.
• Keeping the doors closed and locked is ensured by means of a digital touch selector. This selector is off (Disabled) ,
automatic (Whole system armed), open (Door open), one-way (Motion unit one-way armed), night
It includes functions (locked from the outside, can be opened with a button from the inside).
• Operating voltage is 230 V. (A.C) , 50 Hz. It has a tolerance of at least 10% against voltage changes.
• In case of power cuts, the movable wings are opened manually if desired.
• It has a system to prevent derailment of the moving wings as a result of impact. (6 pieces on each wing rail)
is transported on wheels. 4 of them press the down rail and 2 of them press the up rail.) Movement on the wheel
It changes when the running rail is worn.

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Aluminum Joinery and Facade Systems
İvedik OSB. 1462 Cadde No:24

0850 495 05 05

0530 900 30 04

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Oxys Automatic Door Systems, the leading brand in the Automatic Door Systems sector since 2008; It has been operating in Ankara since 2008. With years of experience, it has always adopted the principle of providing the best product and the highest quality service to its valued customers.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems is an organization with a dynamic structure that offers product sales and assembled turnkey services all over Turkey, and continues to serve its customers with European origin products with its exporter identity.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems, which has succeeded in transferring the importance it attaches to sales to after-sales service, provides an increase in production by contributing to the development of the industry by leading our country to take its place in the international competition in the automatic door sector in general.

Oksis Automatic Door Systems, which adopts the principle of always providing quality service to its customers with its professional experience and certifies this with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate it has received, continues to serve in international projects with its strong staff that is expanding day by day.

It has become a preferred brand in European markets with its productions tailored for all kinds of architectural projects in our manufacturing sites in our country, our experienced technical team, quality certificates and product performance equivalent to world standards.